G Pen Connect Review! Washington State Haul Update!

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G Pen Connect Review! Breakdown, Tutorial & Washington State Dispensary Haul Update!

So let me tell you about the G Pen Connect, my wife & I both have been using it for about a week now & we love it! I wanted to get this for my wife to try out because she has asthma & is really sensitive to vaping of any kind. With the Connect my wife didn’t cough & it was an overall good experience. However when she did cough it was more user error because she inhaled too much because it was so smooth. Our experience with the G Pen Connect has been nothing but positive & I wish I would’ve found this device a lot sooner for both my wife & I.

I paired the Connect with some Cookies sugar wax, Snow Montana & London Chello. Both of these were super smooth & you could tell that the Cookies are high end because of that. I would highly recommend them both! I also loaded some Desert Dabs, Berry Octane & I could taste a sweet flavor for the entire session!

The G Pen Connect is super easy to use, load & clean but does have a slight learning curve because of the magnetic system. Sometimes when the magnets stick together they’re not quite in the right place & you have to wiggle it around or take it apart & stick it back together & it takes all of three seconds so it’s not a deal breaker. The Connect has 3 Voltage settings: blue is 3.1v, green is 3.6v & red is 4.3v. If you’re a cloud chaser this does big clouds but I’m not into that & I’m more into getting the THC extracted & the effect of cannabis. It has a 850 mAh battery that lasts about 6-9 hours or between 15-20 sessions depending on your temperature setting. The Connect comes in 4 different colors, yellow for the lemonade stream, baby blue for the cookie stream, green & gold for Dr. Greenthumb & the original black. It comes with a free hemp case to store it in & a 14mm male glass adapter so you can use it with any bong or bubbler you have.

Who it’s for: Everyone! but not everyone will like it regardless of it being amazing.
Beginners would benefit from the ease of use & the lack of a torch. This device makes it safe & easy for anyone to Dab.

Who it’s not for: Hard-core dabbers or hard-core fan boys who like a certain company or device, this won’t be for you.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend the G Pen Connect to anyone, new to dabbing or a more experienced person. Whatever level of comfort with dabbing this device will put all your fears at ease.

Cookies Sugar Wax: These guys were amazing, Worth the price, Worth checking out. They lived up to their hype!! Definitely a buy!! Phatt Panditto Approved!!!

Pioneer Squares: We really liked these & I really enjoyed the real fruit center, it made it feel more high-end to see real fruit & not just be told it was. Definitely recommend this! Phatt Panditto Approved!!!

Mrs. Panditto :HELLAVATED: Now onto the new HELLAVATED gummies that we tried this week. The price was cheap but so was the quality. They tasted good & had a good texture. But the high was too light & didn’t last long. I felt like I’d have to eat the whole bag to get to where I’d like. PASS!

Juicy Joint Supers: we’ve had this brand before but we hadn’t had this flavor/strain before & we both enjoyed the Seattleberry! We smoked half & the high was quick & lasted a long while, it also had a sweet flavor that tastes good. This is Phatt Panditto Approved!!!

The Island Breeze strain/flavor was just too harsh & didn’t have a good flavor. I only took 3 puffs & didn’t go back for more. My wife ended up finishing it but she didn’t like it either. So it’s a pass on this strainer/flavor.

Dessert Runtz: I was actually quite surprised with these joints. I got them on a recommendation from the guy at the shop & I didn’t really expect much. First off I didn’t realize there were two little joints in the tube, so a good surprise. These guys were small like the Shorty joints and they had Keefe on the outside. My wife and I smoked the first one together & that little guy got us both high!! I highly recommend them! These are definitely Phatt Panditto Approved!!!

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